Hakahau to Hakahetau to Hakaotu Ua Pou

Hakahau bay is very busy with the Arc, a sailing group from San Diego, arriving in Marquesas. Each day two boats arrive and sometimes a boat will leave, which makes for a tight anchorage. We had heard of a waterfall hike in Hakahetau, the village to the west, so we […]

Vaipaee Bay Ua Huka To Anaho Bay Nuku Hiva

We had already planned to set sail on Friday and meet Josh, from Fatu Hiva, in Nuku Hiva but Arii did not finish carving our beautiful wooden bowl until late on Friday. As we made our Saturday morning coffee we spotted a catamaran coming into the Vaipaee Bay anchorage and […]

All Fueled Up and No Wind To Go

Hi Family and Friends, We arrived at Penrhyn Island with only 20 gallons of diesel in our tank, but we also knew that a supply sailing ship called the Kwai was on its way to Penrhyn from which we could buy fuel. We purchased 100 gallons of diesel for $460 […]