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Vaipaee Bay Ua Huka

Ua Huka is one of the normal islands we have experienced in French Polynesia. As you walk around you can tell that the small villages care about the appearance of their island and take care of garbage or old houses. The primary road are well maintained around the entire island, […]

Makemo To Fatu-Hiva

Surprisingly our weather has become favorable to leave the Tuamotu Islands and try for the most easterly island of the Marquesas called Fatu-Hiva. This little window is coming at a bit of a price because to catch the east winds we need to motor for one day as far east […]

Almost The Last Post

This is a terrible joke that we titled this post, “Almost The Last Post”. Originally, we thought we should make a post before we snorkeled south Fakarava passage because of the danger but we didn’t really want to scare anyone so we waited until we got back to the boat. […]

Wade, Sara, Jackie, and Ryan Lava Tube Hike

Hiking Lava Tubes Tahiti and Anchoring Nearby

We would like to preface hiking Tahiti without a guide can be dangerous.  Always check local information, proceed with caution, and don’t go if it looks like it is going to rain. This hike gave a bit more than expected because the lava tube hike did not start until after […]

Just Drifting Transiting To Phaeton Bay Tahiti Iti

Phaeton Bay Tahiti

We had a busy morning but beautiful morning.  The sun rose from Tahiti Iti and shined on Tahiti Nui as we moved the boat to Phaeton Bay; which is rumored to be the best hurricane whole in the south pacific.  There are many mooring balls so we were very careful […]