Fatu Hiva to Tahuata

We had a wonderful time anchored in Fatu Hiva. We enjoyed our evenings with our first group of sailing cruisers swapping sea stories. Chris, the woodcarver, came out to our boat with his friend and brother to teach us Marquesas Ukulele. They brought us goat coconut and papaya, Marquesas possion […]

Fatu Hiva Is Lovely

As we raced the sun to get our anchor down we kept a steady pass of seven knots. We were surprised the wind did not disappear as we pulled in the lee of the island. We were attempting the south Fatu Hiva anchorage in front of the village Omoa. In […]

Change Of Events

Yesterday we poured in the fuel tank our last 12 gallons of diesel that we allowed ourselves for the passage, keeping 2 jerry jugs of reserve fuel for maneuvering around anchorages and the leeward side of Tahuata. The forecast predicted the tapering of wind down to six knots yesterday and […]

Squalls Are Our Friends?

We’ve had our share of squalls while sailing the South Pacific probably because we are sailing off season and this is the rainy season. Our trip from Makemo to Fatu Hiva the squalls have been helpful because the lack of wind. We’re almost excited to see a squall pop on […]

Apples And Oranges

For our non-sailing friends a starboard tack is when the wind contacts first (also referred to as windward) the starboard (right) side of the boat and a port tack, the port side is to windward. We’ve all seen beautiful sailing boats that are not level but look like they are […]