Mahi Experiment

Today we entered deeper into a high pressure system and as expected the wind became lighter. By 9:30 am we had to start the engine to motor-sail. And at around noon the sea became a glassy calm and we put away our sails that were just hanging limp. Further north […]

Predicted Wind Direction

They just keep coming. We caught three nice size Mahi’s today! By the time we get to Dutch Harbor we won’t have any more freezer space, haha. There is a substantial high pressure area a couple days north of us and we may not have much wind for a day […]

Hydroponic Gardening While Sailing

Poseidon’s Garden theory is in effect and working wonderfully! We are no longer circulating the water through the tubes in King Neptune’s Garden. Generally, on a timer 16 times a day water is pumped from a reservoir, stored in one of our compartments, into the top garden tube (aka fence […]

7 Foot Mahi

Hooray Sara is feeling much better. No medicines or special remedies. Just plan ol’ small sips of water, small bits of food, and rest. We are so happy for our cockpit enclosure. We cannot express enough how much more comfortable our sailing experience has been enhanced by this simple piece […]

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

We left Honolulu on Sunday, July 16th and proceeded westerly around the south side of Oahu and then turned north along the west side of Oahu. At 3 hours into our trip everything was good, that was until Sara asked Wade where he put the spear guns, boat hooks, gaffs […]

Sailing Hawaii to Alaska

The day has finally arrived! About time too! We probably could have left last week because the weather was good for sailing to Dutch Harbor, but we are happy we stayed to finish our projects. You bet we played Johnny Horton North to Alaska as we left the harbor. We […]

Preparing To Sail To Alaska

We have been in Honolulu almost 2 months! We had no major boat issues to make our journey to Alaska, and all we needed was some groceries. However, we made more work for ourselves. By day we have been working on boat projects and at night we spend time with […]

Tied Up

We are tied up in the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor. This morning we hit the ground running with errands. We first called customs who notified Agriculture. We then sorted out boat slip details and waited for customs and agriculture to meet us at our boat. Both customs and agriculture […]

Drooling For Ham

So close we can taste the ham, but sadly we think we’ll be too late. Next Monday no holding us back from a giant hunk ham for Monday Night BBQ. We were making great speed of 7 to 8.5 knots with the Bumblebee spinnaker, but the wind increased to 25 […]


Around 4:00 AM Sara scurried about the cockpit starring hard at the radar then moving quickly to look ahead starboard then to port, her eyes straining, her mind questioning, “Is that a boat? Is that a light? Is my mind playing tricks” The radar dots appear then quickly disappear except […]

Nine Knots

As we are concluding our second week at sea, we both have the feeling of “are we there yet”? We were pleased the winds increased enough for us to have brief moments of sailing 9 knots. Generally the wind is not steady enough to maintain the 9 knots, but steady […]

Comfort Cockpit Contemplation

Each night seems to get colder the closer we get to Hawaii. We understand there is a cold front positioned above the islands, but piling on the layers in the night has us thinking about a cozy warm full boat enclosure. Christmas 2015 Wade found a deal on a few […]