Hello Bear

Around 8 am two days ago we realized we had 33 miles to Three Saints Bay and 99 miles to Kodiak City and we would not make Kodiak City during daylight. We did not want to spend a third night sailing, so we decided to stop and anchor. Navigating through […]

Lower Lows

Another Low is approaching, but this one is the strongest we have seen thus far in Alaska. It will be 3 to 4 days before it possibly reaches us, but the winds show to definitely be in the 50 knot range when it does. Not knowing how long it might […]

Spooky Low Pressure System Sailing

We have a relatively good weather situation so this afternoon we left Sand Point. It is however a little spooky because we are inside a strong low pressure system. Not that we are in anything like a hurricane, but similar to being in the eye of a hurricane, we are […]

Sea Of Islands

Yesterday we motored 66 miles from Dolgoi Harbor to Humboldt Harbor, where we will wait out another low pressure weather system southeast of us. Joyfully the sun was intense, which when combined with no wind and glassy seas meant the temperature felt warm. The day was nice to motor through […]

Our First Case Of Crabs

We had dropped our crab trap in Dutch Harbor to test it out but to no avail, so a couple of days ago we gave it another shot! This morning before we pulled up anchor we lifted our crab trap and caught six Dungeness crabs that were all male and […]

Bearly Searching

We arrived at our anchorage Captain’s Harbor on the Alaska Peninsula around 3:30 PM. We heard from locals and other cruisers this is a great spot that is well protected and an excellent bear viewing. As we searched the shores before anchoring sadly we saw no bears, but a lot […]

Dutch Harbor Generosity

Wow! We would sure like to thank the people of Dutch Harbor, Alaska for the generosity and kindness we were met with at all times. Alaska might be a little on the cool side, but Alaskans’ personalities are not. We were offered food, given a crab trap, taken out crab […]

Tided Up Dutch Harbor

Bucket list checked . . . we safely sailed from Hawaii to Dutch Harbor Alaska! Five minutes to noon HST we rafted to a boat that just sailed from China bound for California. Congratulations to Kirk for winning Math Be Hard For Sailor’s Game and the Penrhyn Black-tip Shark poster. […]

After 16 Days Land Ho!

Around the time we turned over watch we were 24 miles from the beginning of the Samalga Passage leading into the Bering Sea. The Pacific Ocean floods into the Bering Sea, so our plan was to enter the pass at the end of the flood current, then the water current […]

End of the Pacific Ocean

Today was nice and relatively calm motor sailing. The sky was never clear, but the fog seemed just a little bit brighter at times, like the sun might try to come out, and this extra quasi brightness seemed to increase the temperature a bit. No fish were caught today, again. […]

Cold Feet

Well it finally happened. Actually, it happened yesterday, at around 5 pm to be more precise. Wade finally could not take it any more, his threshold had been determined and realized. That being a temperature of 53 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature at which he finally had to put on shoes […]


The average wind speed for the last 24 hours has been over 20 knots. We have reduced the mainsail to 80%, furled the Genoa, and are using the staysail. Our staysail is our heavy weather foresail. In higher wind conditions we we can point higher into the wind and the […]