Comfort Cockpit Contemplation

Each night seems to get colder the closer we get to Hawaii. We understand there is a cold front positioned above the islands, but piling on the layers in the night has us thinking about a cozy warm full boat enclosure. Christmas 2015 Wade found a deal on a few […]

Spinnaker Teasing

This morning began with the wind becoming more light and soon it was blowing only 8 to 9 knots even though the forecast called for just a little bit more wind. We talked about flying a spinnaker, but decided to be patient and see if the wind would improve, especially […]

Counting Down From 80 Degrees

Thankfully the wave and swell height decreased to a more comfortable range of 6 to 8 feet. We were able to put out full sail and maintain our 7 knot speed average with the wind speed average decreasing to 14 knots. But slowly as we have left French Polynesia the […]

With The Wind Came The Waves

We woke this morning to our new 20 lb teak Marquesan Bowl from Ua Huka flying across the room, fortunately, the salon cushions also went flying and protected the crew, boat, and bowl, from any damage. We have been excited to have the increase in wind and to finally be […]

Gone Bananas and Gone With the Wind

It is again another day at sea and it can become a little more difficult for to determine of what to write that may be interesting. For instance, we watched our entire stalk of bananas turn yellow today; this is pretty exciting stuff huh? Well it was a little bit […]