Poseidon’s Garden

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A non-circulating hydroponic garden experiment for boats. If you have no power, little room, or little water this little experiment might prove to be helpful or at least interesting. Poseidon’s Garden is wonderful for tomatoes and herbs.

No Fish and Retiring Poseidon’s Garden

Huge bummer! We fished the entire way between Raiatea and Huahine with our new hand-lines and not even a nibble. We had a little hope when birds started to circle near the Avamoa Pass outside of the main village Fare, but then as we got closer they just sat on […]

Look But Don’t Touch A Private Motu

We had a productive morning and moved the boat to the north end of Taha’a and anchored in 45 feet of sand in front of a shallow sand bank. Taha’as lagoon averages 110 to 130 feet deep in the center and we are circling it slowly but are challenged finding […]