Comfort Cruising Guides

The cruising guides we use are always helpful, so we would like to pay it forward by collecting information from our encounters and passing it on for others to use.  We are in the process of writing our first guides for Fanning, Penrhyn, and French Polynesia in reverse. Comfort Cruising Guides will include, but not be limited to passages, anchorages, customs, Wifi access, dinghy docking, customer service reviews, and our adventures.  While we are in the process of writing each of the guides please use our contact form to ask us questions about each of the areas; otherwise, visit our Fanning, Penrhyn, and French Polynesia Noon Reports.


Wade and Sara

Tied Up

We are tied up in the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor. This morning we hit the ground running with errands. We first called customs who notified Agriculture. We then sorted out boat slip details and waited for customs and agriculture to meet us at our boat. Both customs and agriculture […]

Drooling For Ham

So close we can taste the ham, but sadly we think we’ll be too late. Next Monday no holding us back from a giant hunk ham for Monday Night BBQ. We were making great speed of 7 to 8.5 knots with the Bumblebee spinnaker, but the wind increased to 25 […]


Around 4:00 AM Sara scurried about the cockpit starring hard at the radar then moving quickly to look ahead starboard then to port, her eyes straining, her mind questioning, “Is that a boat? Is that a light? Is my mind playing tricks” The radar dots appear then quickly disappear except […]

Nine Knots

As we are concluding our second week at sea, we both have the feeling of “are we there yet”? We were pleased the winds increased enough for us to have brief moments of sailing 9 knots. Generally the wind is not steady enough to maintain the 9 knots, but steady […]

Comfort Cockpit Contemplation

Each night seems to get colder the closer we get to Hawaii. We understand there is a cold front positioned above the islands, but piling on the layers in the night has us thinking about a cozy warm full boat enclosure. Christmas 2015 Wade found a deal on a few […]