About Comfort Cruising


Hi and welcome to our site! We are Wade and Sara! We started our voyage together when we met 2014 in Honolulu Hawaii. We spent two years outfitting our boat, SV Just Drifting, a 2004 Beneteau Oceanis 473, with new solar, gardens, and other experiments and July 2016 we set sail for our French Polynesia in reverse trip.  As of June 2017 we are headed for Alaska. We’re excited you’ve taken the time to follow along on our journey.  Almost daily, we give our boat position at noon and status updates through our Noon Report.  Click here if you’d like to read our stories from the beginning. The rest of our site is to provide helpful information for travelers and cruisers. Sara’s hobby during our adventure is to take scenic photos from the surface, underwater, and aerial with a drone.

Why Comfort Cruising?

Choosing to sail the world is no ordinary task. Many people have tried and many people have said farewell to a life at sea, and there is no wonder why when the electrical system is the same as a car, there is no freezer, a hardly working refrigerator, the crew only showers if there are onshore facilities or it starts to rain. The list can go on and on. There are some folks that say living without the luxuries of power, water, and refrigeration “sounds great”, “it’s like camping”, and “want to be off the grid” but then those are the same people that love a good yacht club, free facility hot shower, and order a glass of ice just for the sake of the taste of ice. Our thoughts are why go through all of the trouble of outfitting a boat and stowing dock lines just to see the world one yacht club at a time. We’d rather spend the time and the money to live far away from the land facilities, live like locals, but still maintain the modern comforts while cruising a sailboat around the world.

Investing the time, energy, and money installing experiments gives us freedom. Our longest time away from a grocery store or facilities was three months and we debated staying another month because we were having so much fun, but the weather window was to good so we chose to leave. We have fun learning customs, techniques to forage, and live off the land of the places we visit. Our hope is that other boaters could expand our experiments to enrich their cruising experience without wasting time and money.

Our Motto

Spread sunshine and happiness to all that we meet. Each place we visit we collect information, coordinates, fees, etc. for cruising guides to benefit other cruisers that may visit. Additionally, we try to help those we meet by bringing donations to loving families that might need books; fabric; clothes; water jugs and bottles; snorkeling fins, booties, and masks; fishing gear; and seeds. We give our time at the places we visit to repair or maintenance outboards and other projects that the community might not have the tools to fix.

We love our happy life at sea and we hope you enjoy our stories.


Wade and Sara