Monthly Archives: March 2017

Marquesas Surf And Turf

For the most of Sara’s life she has eaten out and hardly ever prepared meals at home. Cooking has always been this novel thing that one day she would learn how to do so she collected cookbooks. She has onboard almost 50 different styles of cookbooks. Her favorite cookbook is […]

Anaho Bay to Hatiheu Bay Hike and Hikokua, Kaamuihei, & Tahakia Archaeological Site

We anchored in Anaho Bay because we are very well protected and the boat does not roll but wanted to see the sites in the neighboring bay called Hatiheu Bay. The Hatiheu Bay is commonly very uncomfortable. The bay is bigger and open to more swell so the boat would […]

Vaipaee Bay Ua Huka To Anaho Bay Nuku Hiva

We had already planned to set sail on Friday and meet Josh, from Fatu Hiva, in Nuku Hiva but Arii did not finish carving our beautiful wooden bowl until late on Friday. As we made our Saturday morning coffee we spotted a catamaran coming into the Vaipaee Bay anchorage and […]

Vaipaee Bay Ua Huka

Ua Huka is one of the normal islands we have experienced in French Polynesia. As you walk around you can tell that the small villages care about the appearance of their island and take care of garbage or old houses. The primary road are well maintained around the entire island, […]

Hanamenu Bay Hiva Oa To Vaipaee Bay Ua Huka

Sadly we did not go pig hunting because unlike what was described to us they go pig hunting in the morning not the evening and as we only relaxed on the boat the evening we arrived we were unable to make arrangements in the morning. Ozanne and Mary Jo’s son […]