Glamorous Life of Cruising Alaska On A Sailboat In October

October 21st The outside temperature is freezing. Literally freezing! We do not run the heater at night, so in the morning the inside boat temperature is near the lower 40s. We run the generator to power central heat and a little portable heater to warm the room to a comfortable […]

South Arm Kodiak Island

October 20th The weather is predicted to be out of the northeast and south the next couple of days so we moved to a new anchorage. Our South Arm anchorage might not be the most comfortable during a northwest wind, which seems to be predominant in this area, so we […]

Our First Snow

October 19th to 20th The temperature has finally dropped to a chilling 36 and 38 degrees. Yesterday, we went deer hunting aka hiking because we do not see any deer. The views are stunning with the mountain tops having a nice cover of snow. Last night just as we were […]

Deer Searching

October 17th Yesterday we moved anchorages because the wind was turning from west to north then northeast and 30 knots. The Kodiak fjords can be a bit of a wind tunnel but moving to the north side of the bay protected us very well from wind and waves. We, or […]

Under Pressure

October 16th More and more frequently when we wake in the morning we experience sinus pressure, sometimes stuffy noises, and sometimes even a small headache. We didn’t think anything of it and would continue about our day. During a discussion with one of the lovely St. Paul Marina office ladies, […]

Another Month

Yes the wind is increasing, the temperature is dropping, and the rainy to sunny day ratio is 3 to 1, respectively. Today is a misty day but the weather forecast looks good, so we are off to cruise around Kodiak another month. Marj had a safe flight home and we […]

Short Stop In Kodiak City

We post updates to our WordPress website and Facebook using a Jetpack plugin Post-By-Email feature. Yesterday as we arrived in Kodiak City we realized the plugin magically disconnected, so none of our post were reaching our website. Our apologies for flooding post from the last week. While in Seal Bay […]

Sara’s First Hunt

Bluefox Bay turned out to be a disappointment in regards to fish and deer. We found two signs that said no fishing on the opposite sides of our anchorage. We can only assume the no fishing signs were to protect the abundant amount of otters and seals in the bay. […]

We Found Bears

If you are visiting Alaska and you want to see bears we highly recommend you take a plane or boat to Geographic Harbor. Our first day searching for bears was very rainy. Marj and Sara gave up and Wade went ahead to scout out for bears in the area. He […]

Searching For Bears

Today we crossed the 60 mile channel from Kodiak Island to the Alaska Peninsula and anchored in Geographic Harbor. This location is reputably “THE” place to go for viewing Alaskan Brown Bears and one of the most photographed spots in Alaska. Not only are there many bears, but people watch […]

St. Paul Marina Kodiak to Litnik Afognak Island

We finally left St. Paul Harbor for Geographic Harbor today. To break up the trip we stopped for the night at an abandoned town on Afognak Island called Litnik. As we pulled in the bay we spotted several otters, harbor seals, and jelly fish. We really wanted to go fishing […]

Hanging Around Kodiak

We arrived at St. Paul Marina Kodiak Island just in time to miss the heavy winds. The following day we searched the town on foot in the pouring rain for a new water pump for our reverse air conditioning (boat heater) to no avail, so we have a new pump […]